Five More Things You Can Do for an Author

Enter a Goodreads giveaway for their books! Many authors create Goodreads giveaways to help build the brand awareness and generate some reviews for their books.  Entering the giveaway does a number of things:  Gets the book on your shelves (which gives it exposure); makes the book more popular in the giveaway (which gives it exposure); perhaps scores you a free book that you can keep for yourself or give to a friend(which gives it exposure)! A triple win, all with a few simple mouse clicks!

Leave a comment on one of their blog posts!  Comments help the post show up higher in search engines and let your favorite author know that that people are reading their posts.  Blogging can feel like shouting out in a canyon.  Let your voice echo back!

Buy their books! (I wrote about this one before, but it is really important!)

This may seem obvious, and I know not everyone can buy all of the books that they read.  However, if you really like an author, purchase their books rather than borrow them.  Publishers drop series that don’t sell well, so the best way to help ensure you’ll see your favorite author’s next book is to buy it.   If you’re on a limited budget, save up for the books you really like.  Your purchase helps ensure that there will be a next book in the series!

Share their successes!  Authors rely heavily these days on social media to spread the word about their work.  Help them spread their reach!  When your favorite author has something to brag about, share it with your Facebook friends!

Invite them to come to your book group!  Whether it’s in person or via Skype, it’s always fun to chat about your work with readers.  Many authors I know (including me!) would be delighted to meet with a book club to discuss their work, writing, maybe even the meaning of life.  You’ll never know if your author is available unless you ask. Even thanking gives the author an often-needed boost!

I'll have more good ideas from Tracy Weber, as you follow along on this blog.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


Bec said…
Hi Marilyn,
Some good hints there, I review audiobooks which I publish on my blog, Goodreads, Audible Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest, I also Tweet.
I do get a lot for free in return for a review, so I feel I must do my best for authors. I also buy a couple each month.
It hadn't occurred to me that entering Goodreads giveaways would be useful to authors, or putting books on my shelves, I'll make sure I do in the future,
Thanks again
Hi, Bec, even doing one thing help. Some of my Deputy Tempe Crabtree books are audio--you could check them out too. Thanks for commenting.

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