Some Interesting Things About Final Respects

Back when I wrote Final Respects almost every police officer I knew--and I knew many because we had many police families in our neighborhood--sported a mustache. Plus my son-in-law was a cop and yes, he had a mustache too. Today, there aren't many officers with mustaches.

If I were to rewrite the book, I'd probably change many things--including one of the descriptions on the back cover. It begins: Publicity hound, Rick Strckland...but the character's name is Ryan. I must confess, I've called him Rick other times too.

I started writing the book when my son-in-law would come over to my house for coffee after his shift and say, "Do you want to hear what happened last night?" Of course I did.

He would often relate tales about his fellow officers that shaped some of the characters in this first Rocky Bluff mystery. 

One horrendous event happened within the police department that triggered the plot for this story.

Rocky Bluff is a fictitious place somewhere between Ventura and Santa Barbara--but it's not Carpenteria. It is imaginary but has some resemblances to Oxnard way back when it was still pretty much a small town. 

Next time I'll let you in on a little secret about the mortuary and the three little girls that torment the mortician.

Marilyn aka F.M.Meredith


Marja said…
Can't wait to read the book and I can't wait to hear about the mortician. This should be good. : )
Marja McGraw
I really had a good time writing Final Respects, never realizing that I would end up writing 11 books total in the series--so far.

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