Taussig and Tiedemann Mortuary

There is no such place as Taussig and Tiedemann Mortuary. I made it up.

However, it is based on a real mortuary, one that was a couple of blocks from our house. Behind the mortuary was the family's home where the mom and dad lived with their three little girls. One of my own daughters was friends with these girls and often went there to spend the night. 

I asked my daughter what she did when she went there, and she said, "We play hide 'n seek in the mortuary."

My response was, "Not where the dead bodies are, I hope."

"Yes, that's the most fun."

Of course that triggered another idea for the plot--and I had a lot of fun writing that part.

If you read the book, you'll see how it all fit in.

And you know it'll be free starting May 1 on Kindle!

Marilyn aka F.M.Meredith


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