What People Had to Say About Final Respects

and the Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series.

One of my favorites is by Miqui Miller:

"In the style of the best of Wambaugh, albeit with a gentler hand and less rugged language, F.M Meredith draws characters we wantto know better--brave men and women, who risk their lives for us on a daily basis. The members of the Rocky Bluff P.D. are definitely folks I want to visit again and look forward to riding along as they guarantee the triump of justive over evil."

Radine Trees Nehring said:

"Meredith has created a thrilling adventure that weaves together the lives of several point-of-view police officers. I truly, truly, truly loved every minute of this terrific story."

Remember, Final  Respects will be free on Kindle starting May 1.

F.M. aka  Marilyn Meredith


Marilyn, Wanted you to know I tried to post something regarding your Blog Tour today on Patricia's Blog, but couldn't find any place to just post a comment. Anyway, I like using the notebook method to keep track of aspects of your WIP. I do that also...sort of...most of the time. I need to start doing a better job of it though, so think I will go to the Dollar Store and buy up a bunch of notebooks and have one designated for each book I start. Sometime the old ways are the best ways...yes?
You had to go down and at the bottom where her name is, it says comments and that's what you click on. And yes, I think the old ways work best for me--probably because I'm old.

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