My name is Kathy Stevens.  I am a retired teacher with a passion for herbs.  Twenty-four years ago I planted my first backyard herb garden.  Small specimens of lavender, mint, rosemary and thyme were nestled in a raised bed not far from my kitchen window.

Watching those herbs grow and prosper, I wondered... what shall I do with them?  To answer this question I read books, journals, took classes, and joined an herb society.  Lots of useful information.  I learned dozens of ways to use herbs in the kitchen and throughout my home.  They scent my linen closet and infuse the water in both my teacup and bathtub.  I sprinkle them on popcorn and in salads and they flavor both honey and butter.  Sometimes I tuck a little bundle of them inside my pillowcase to sleep peacefully until morning.

Today I continue to grow herbs and learn all that I can about them.  During my years as a classroom teacher, I planted a school herb garden with students.  Now in retirement, I continue to visit and care for the garden.  Fourth and fifth graders join me on Wednesday afternoon for the herb garden club.  Together we explore the countless ways we can use the thirty plus herbs growing in our garden.

Last year I wrote and published a book entitled The Herb Garden Club.  It is available for purchase in my online store.  The book details all that my students and I have learned about seven of our favorite herbs: lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, chamomile, thyme, and rose.  There are stories, tasty recipes, herb crafts, and lots of ideas to inspire readers of all ages to enjoy these herbs every day.

About the author

Kathy Stevens is a certified Master Herbalist, educator, and speaker.  She lives in Visalia, California with her husband, Stan, and orange tabby George.  In addition to the work she does with the Crestwood Elementary Herb Garden Club, Kathy also gives lectures and workshops about herbs.  She enjoys teaching others to live a healthy, herbal lifestyle.  Kathy is past president of the San Joaquin Herb Society. The Herb Garden Club is her second book.  In 1990, she published Going Beyond Words, the art and skill of visual thinking with Zephyr Press.

Visit to purchase the book or to see a slideshow of the Crestwood School herb garden.

(Note from Marilyn: Years ago, Kathy was in a writing class I taught at a nearby bookstore. And recently, she came to a book event I participated in, and showed me the finished product of what she'd been working on way back then. The book is wonderful to read and look at.)


Jackie Houchin said…
How interesting! I'm so glad you brought Kathy Stevens to our attention, Marilyn. I will definitely buy the book.
Because you write mysteries, I thought that perhaps this was another mystery book, similar to the Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles mysteries, but what a surprise!

I began a novel about 3 sisters, one of whom grew a huge herb garden and developed a small business selling them as teas, bouquets, and for recipes. How an evil man for her past compromised her large, hillside garden by introducing MJ, was part of the suspense.

I think I will use Kathy's knowledge for my own home... and perhaps to heighten my novel's setting! Thank you!
Ivga Stark said…
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