Public Safety Writers Association Conference

The meeting room at the Orleans.

We had about 50 in attendance. It was a great conference and so glad to see so many returnees and a bunch of new folks.

This photo was of the panel on promotion. I think we could have gone on another 45 minutes in order to cover everything.

I gave a presentation on some of the mistakes I've made over the years. Mike Black kindly made the power point for me, and Tim Dees helped me through the process.

Here we are at one of our wonderful lunches. Great food and a good time to do some visiting. At our table from this vantage point were two retired police officers, a doctor who wrote a book about the abuse of prescription drugs, and a psychologist who works with police officers who have PTSD.

And this is what I did early every a.m.

Michael Black did a wonderful job with the program this year. I've been to many, many writing conferences, and this is my very favorite.

I'll have more pics later on, plus some of the great things I learned.



M.M. Gornell said…
Thank you for posting, Marilyn! Love seeing so many familiar year for sure!
It looks like it was a great time with lots of interesting topics to discuss. Hope I can make it next year. July seems to always be very hectic where I live with remodels (like now) and house guests. Enjoyed your pictures, Marilyn. Thanks for sharing them.
Diane Kratz said…
I wish I could have made it this year. Really missed seeing everyone and learning from you wonderful bunch of writers. Thanks for sharing these!
Diane Kratz
John M. Wills said…
Thanks Marilyn. Good info, Missed all of you.

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