Calling the Dead by Marilyn Meredtih

Anyone who has read many of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series knows that Tempe is often visited by spirits. This began when she called back the dead to find out the truth about a murder and suicide in Calling the Dead. 

From that time on, Tempe has had regular visits from the dead or other spirits in nearly every book

In Spirit Shapes, it's not only ghosts but also evil spirits who confront Tempe in a very haunted house.

A different kind of spirits greet Tempe in this story about a movie being made on the Bear Creek Indian reservation.

In the latest, Not as it Seems, ghostly visitations abound when Tempe visits Morro Bay and becomes involved in a murder investigation.

All the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries, are avaiable in various formats direction from the online bookstores, by ordering through a physical book store, or visiting the publisher:

Marilyn Meredith


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