It Won't be Long Now

Not as it Seems, the latest in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries will soon be available.

Exactly when, I don't know yet, but things are moving along as they should be. My best guess is sometime before the end of this month.

I did something different with this book. It's not set in the Sierra. Tempe and her husband Hutch have gone to Morro Bay to participate in their son, Blair's wedding. Hutch will officiate. This is the first time they get to meet Blair's fiance, Amaresh. 

Of course there's a mystery to solve--Amaresh's maid of honor is missing.

Usually I write about fictious places with some resemblance to real places. This book is different. Morro Bay is a very real place--one that I love to visit. I've included many of the real places to visit and eat in and around the area.

I do hope that I got everything right. I had a lot of help from my friends in the Central Coast Sisters in Crime who live there--but if I got something wrong, it's my fault, not theirs.

I'm hoping that the story itself will be fascinating enough to keep my readers from worrying about how accurate I was.

 Marilyn Meredith


M.M. Gornell said…
Looking forward to this one very much--sounds very interesting--Also looking forward to your visit on my blog September 15th!
Thank you, Madeline. Coming to Barstow again for our family reunion. Maybe you could stop by that afternoon and we could trade books. I don't have your latest.
Linda Thorne said…
I can't wait to read the book. I'd like to quite my day job right now and just read and write, but money is pretty important when you don't have it.
Looking forward to it.
Oh, Linda, I don't have a day job--but lots of other things interfere with my writing and reading.

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