Last Two Free Days for No Bells

When I was planning No Bells I went to my police buddies and asked for a funny vice crime.

And boy, did I get one. When you read NO BELLS you can't miss it--and it was perfect for this book. 

As usual, Officer Gordon Butler is sent to tackle the strangest crimes. Besides the one I mentioned above, he also has to tackle a trespassing seagull.

In case you didn't know, Rocky Bluff, the setting of these mysteries is a small beach town between Santa Barbara and Ventura. It is also a fictional town with a fictional police department. You won't find either one if you travel down 101. 

However, it has some resemblances to other small beach towns in the nearby areas. Though because it's between two big tourist attractions, it doesn't  receive much attention or tourist dollars. 

I hope you'll try NO BELLS--free on Kindle only today and tomorrow.


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