Paths to Publishing from the PSWA Conference

A popular panel at the recent PSWA Conference was about publishing. Those on the panel were:
Billie Johnson, Geno Munari, Mysti Berry, Thonie Hevron, Bob Doer, Kathy Ryan. Michelle Perin moderated.

How to get a publisher was discussed.

Panelist also talked about their own paths to publishing.

Munari said he'd print a book at a competive price and do it quickly.  He is also becoming more selective about what he's publishing, would like more unusual topics. But the author needs to do his own marketing.

Kathleen Ryan told about writing stories of 20 words or less led to a New York City booksigning.

Billie Johnson, publisher of Oak Tree Books, said you need to know your market and to look for a publisher who has good distribution.

Bob Doer reminded authors that they need to have their book edited before looking for a publisher.

You need to understand the publisher's contract.

You need a marketing plan ahead of time. (Many publishers ask for this when you submit your query or proposal.)

Michelle said, you need to make sure the publisher is right for you.

At this time, Mysti just publishes graphic novels, but is thinking about going into traditional publishing.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


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