Spicing up Presentations by Ron Corbin

This came from my notes taken at the PSWA conference. This was an excellent presentation.

Ron's stated goal was to improve our presentation skills and grab the attention of the audience.

Start and stop on time. 

Difficult times for presentations:

Right before lunch.
Last time slot of the day.
Last day of the conference.

Emotions/Connected to Topic

Your Dress
Your Attitude
Audience Needs to be Able to Understand you
(Don't say ah)

Audience Participation

Set guidelines for audience questions.
Walk toward the person and make eye-contact.
Walk backward, respond to the audience.

Control Stage Fright

Know your target audience
Make eye contact.
Use Humor

Use Training Aids

Flip charts
Overhead projector
Video Equipment
Actual Objects

Be prepared for problems

Summarize what you said.

Questions and answers


Holli Castillo said…
Great advice from Ron. I wish I could have been at the conference. I don't care what happens, I plan to attend next year.
I hope you will make it next year, Holli, you've definitely been missed.

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