Changing the Setting for Not as it Seems

When someone writes a murder mystery series that centers around one location, and especially one that is a small town, there is always the fear that the place will have the Cabot Cove Syndrome (where Jessica Fletcher's neighbors and friends died one after another.)

Deputy Tempe Crabtree is the resident deputy for the small town of Bear Creek and its outlying areas, including the Bear Creek Indian Reservation, which has given me some other places for murder victims to be found. I've also brought in out-of-towners for some of the murder victims.

Once in a while Tempe travels while working an investigation. But in the case of Not as it Seems she and her husband Hutch go on vacation. The vacation includes the wedding of their son Blair who lives in Morro Bay.

Morro Bay is one of my husband's and my favorite places to visit so it was fun to include some of the places we like to go from restaurants to beautiful places of interest. 

Because Bear Creek is fictional with merely similar attributes and businesses like the the area where I live, I've not had to worry about being accurate. 

Writing about a real place is different. I hope I've done it right. Most of the places mentioned in the book are real, though I made up the houses in real neighborhoods. I've written about restaurants where we've had great meals and also a motel where we stayed once and loved--though I gave it a new name. The wedding venue is a also fictional though there are similar places in Morro Bay.

If I've made any mistakes, please forgive me, and remember, it's only a story written to entertain the reader..

I do hope you'll read it and enjoy visiting all the places Tempe and Hutch go.


Morro Rock as seen through the window of one of the restaurants mentioned in Not as it Seems.


Amy Bennett said…
I know what you mean... I'm four books in to my Black Horse Campground series and I'm worrying about Cabot Cove syndrome myself!

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