The Last Day of my Blog Tour

This is the last day of my blog tour and I wrote about the changes in publishing and the choices I've made.

I can't tell you who won my contest just yet, though I have a pretty good idea who it is going to be.

Thirty people made comments on various posts. Some visited nearly every blog and posted. A few only posted on one blog. I supposed it was a topic he or she was interested in.

If you've been following, you know I've had some challenges.

People forget--though, since it's possible to set up a post with the day and time that it's supposed to appear, I'm not sure why that happens.

Has the tour helped with sales? Not sure, of course, but my numbers on Amazon have gone down--but my publisher also sells all formats directly from the site. I really won't know until I receive my next royalty statement.

Doing a blog tour is a lot of work. Will I do another one? Probably because despite problems, I love doing them.

If you've read Not as it Seems, consider writing a review.



Amy Bennett said…
Marilyn, I truly enjoyed following your blog tour. I learned a lot and now I want to do one when my next book is released in a few months. I'll be sure to contact you for a stop on the tour!

Good job and loved the book!
Hi, Amy, I'll be sending you a private message soon. And I'd love to host you on a blog tour.

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