This is What I've Been Up To

This last weekend we were all in Barstow CA--and this is some of the people who came. The patriarchs are in the middle front row (not those with feet in the water), hubby in black, me in white, my cousin Barbara in red and white. It was really hot--and it felt like we were meling while the photo was taken.

We had a great time, as usual We were missing some important folks who usually come, but hopefully they'll be able to make it next year.

Of course my blog tour suffered a bit. I was using my iPad and I'm just not as well versed on it as my home computer. I did the best I could.

I loved being with family. Had so much fun catching up. We laughed a lot. My cousin and I shared stories and remembrances about when we were kids growing up in L.A. one short block from each other. We walked to grammar school which was a long way, and we walked to junior high, much longer and to high school many times. Sometimes we took the bus, transferred to the street car and then walked which was still a long way.

We also walked over the hill which didn't have any houses back then, but were forbidden to do it when one of our classmates discovered a dead body while horseback riding there. (The area is now where the Glendale freeway passes through.)

We played several games of Estimation.

We ate nachos and my chili beans and lots of other goodies.

It was a great weekend.

Here's one of a few of us with the addition of my eldest grandson, Patrick and his son Ethan who stopped by for a short time.



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