Do You Like to be Scared?

I used to love horror movies--but when they became full of slash and gore, I didn't enjoy them anymore.

I still like to read scary books--and I've written quite a few myself.

I think the scariest is one I labeled psychological horror: Wishing Makes it So.

It's about a really bad little girl. 

The hair color of the girl on the cover isn't right--but the face works.

I drew on some real life happenings for the story--some I"ll never reveal in a public forum.

Some of the mean things the child does came from grandkids that I asked, "Tell me some mean things other kids did to you."

Over the years as a residential service provider I've had lots of dealings with the regional center--and had fun including snippets about them. In real life they do a lot of good--but like any other such organization, they make a mistake now and then.

So, if you want to be scared right away, check out the book on Kindle.

Oh, and for a further incentive, this book received first place in horror from USA Books.


Lorna Collins - said…
I don't like being scared. You warned me away from this one. I think I'll read the others. Oh, yeah, I have read them all!
Linda Thorne said…
This book was more than scary. If you can't handle horror, forget this one. I read it probably 7 to 8 years ago and I'll never forget. Never! I think of it at least once every two years. This book was well written, but a bit too dark for me (like really dark).

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