Final Report on My Blog Tour for Not as it Seems

I probably should have titled this blog post, "And the Winner is..."

Amy Bennett.

Amy managed to comment on the most blogs. This wasn't easy because some of the posts didn't show up until later in the day. One blog wouldn't accept comments. I didn't know that ahead of time.

I've notified her. Two others came in at a close second.

33 people in all left comments on various posts.

Will I do another? Probably, but I might change some things.

I'll never ask who'd like to host me on Facebook again. 

It's important that a blog accepts comments if the contest on the tour is about counting who comments the most.

The blogger needs to know that the post can be set up for a certain date and time and how to do it.

Perhaps I'll search for bloggers who have a lot of followers.

However, I do have some favorite blogs I enjoy visiting--and I'll probably continue doing that.

I do know that people who didn't comment visited and read my posts because they left comments on Facebook.

Did it help sales?

Yes, the numbers on Amazon got lower which only happens when people buy books.

And slowly but surely I'm getting reviews.

Reviews are important to writers.



John M. Wills said…
Could not have had a better winner.
sue mcginty said…
Congrats Marilyn and congrats to the winner.
Amy Bennett said…
Thank you, Marilyn! Following your blog tour was not only fun but I educational. I learned a lot about you as well!

Now, is this character going to be an occasionally snarky wanna-be mystery writer who decorates cakes and moonlights at a wine bar? You know, something completely out of character for me....
Kathy McIntosh said…
Thanks for posting your results. A blog tour seems like a lot of work and I'd wondered if they were worth the effort. I visited a couple of your posts. Congrats to Amy for her perseverance.
Nancy J. said…
I'm glad you learned some things and reaped some successes from this ambitious tour. Thanks for sharing your outcomes and advice for those who might want to follow your example. Your tour was impressive -- many posts and a great selection of topics. You're a trailblazer! :)
Billie Johnson said…
I am interested in why you won't ask for blogs to host on FB anymore....what's up with that?
Billie, I'll let you know privately.

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