More on the Great Valley Bookfest

Me and Bonnie Hearn Hill

This was the second year I attended the Great Valley Bookfest in Manteca. What a great event!
I'm not sure how many authors and other vendors participated, but there were a lot of us.

Bonnie Hearn Hill is a friend and fellow author. Years ago, she wrote a review for the Fresno Bee for my first published book.

The night before, the organizer of this event treated the authors and volunteers to a get-together at her home. Lisa and I shared a table with Manteca's Chief of Police and his wife, a retired police officer and his wife--she turned out to be an avid reader who loves series--and yes, she came to the bookfest and bought two of my books. One from each of my series.

Many, many people turned out to peruse what we all had to offer.
 Remarkable too, since it was a very hot day!

I also gave a talk (to not many people) about writing a series and keeping it going. A married couple attended and also came by and each bought a book. The only other woman there, also stopped by for a book. 

It was a good day and my daughter Lisa made it possible for me to do it.



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