Two More Book Fairs

This has been a busy time for in-person events. Last weekend it was the Big Valley Bookfest in Manteca CA.

This is always a great event. Only problem was it was very, very hot--though fortunately we were in the shade the majority of the time. I enjoyed this event.

This is my publisher's booth (Oak Tree Press) at the Taste of the Arts in Visalia yesterday. Again, it was very hot. In the photo is my display and of course, the publisher, Billie Johnson. I always have a good time with her, though my sales weren't wonderful.  And we had some excitement when a big wind blew through and picked up the tent like a parachute and started to carry it off. That's when we decided it was probably time to pack it up.

Next up is the Holiday Boutique November 6 and 7 at the Porterville Art Gallery.

Ah, the exiting life of an author. 



Anonymous said…
I always enjoy events...especially when shared with Marilyn Meredith! It was a fun day. Booths lined both sides of the street for three blocks in downtown Visalia. Our neighbor to the north set up a gallery of paintings and photographs, as did one across the street. Another across the way booth exhibited beautiful wooden items...bowls and cutting boards and trays. Still another displayed hand made jewelry--necklaces and earrings.

In the Festival tent (where one pays so individual exhibitors don't have to mess with that nor manage the sales tax, etc.) there were many large pieces of metal sculptures. Also spotted on my shopping strolls were more jewelry, hand crocheted shopping bags, more framed many unique items. I treated myself to a couple of necklaces!

Plan now to attend next year...I plan to have a booth again, so we'd love to see you!

Billie Johnson, Oak Tree Press

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