Tapering Off--but Only a Little

My last in-person appearance for 2015 is going on right now as I spend my second day at the Porterville Art Gallery's Holiday Boutique all day today. I love doing this, surrounded by fantastic paintings on the walls, and crafts created by many of the same artists. (I usually end up buying from them and some buy from me.)

I am promoting a .99 cent deal on Amazon for Kindle for my book Lingering Spirit from December 7 - 11. That will keep me busy. I do hope some of you will take advantage of it.

It is different from my usual writing--a romance with a touch of the supernatural--and one of my favorites. It's not a typical romance nor is the supernatural what you'd expect. As the saying goes, "try it, you'll like it."

It's been a busy year, and of course with the holidays coming it will be even busier. I'm cooking a turkey and some side dishes for our church's Thanksgiving potluck, and of course, hosting our family's Thanksgiving dinner and yes, I'll be cooking the turkey for that one too, plus making some side dishes.

And then Christmas. We don't do nearly what we used to, but we still have Christmas Eve dinner at our house and a few of the family show up.

Of course there's always the usual stuff going on, but my life as an author will slow down a bit--though I will keep working on my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery.

Have a great holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Enjoy however your celebrating and be sure to read all the great posts by my guest authors through the season.



Amy Bennett said…
I love selling books at art walks! It's hard for me not to spend more than I make, though!
Yes, I know. We did do some trading though and that was great. I got some homemade jalapeno jelly and some boysenberry jam.
GBPool said…
Enjoy the coming holidays. I always do more than I think I can, but I love it, too.
Thonie Hevron said…
Glad you're slowing down just a little.
I try to slow down, but it seems something else comes up. Just signed up for another holiday boutique. Thanks for your comment, Thonie!

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