Despite having many classical children’s books as a child, I didn’t become a reader until I discovered the Nancy Drew books at twelve. Within two years, I started writing similar stories. I decided I wanted to write a book, get it published, and make it to number one in hardcover on the New York Times bestseller. And so the task to make that happened began.

I wrote juvenile mysteries during my teen years and wrote a fictional biography at sixteen. Years later I realized it wasn’t long enough to be a novel, and I hope it’s buried in some garbage dump. That is certainly where it belonged.

My first husband told me to get out of my fantasy world and quit writing. Like a good twenty-year-old I did. I went through two marriages, and I remarried again. It wasn’t until I lost custody of my children before I started writing again and have been writing since. That was the summer of 1974. Though that marriage and another failed, I finally found the right man, and he has continued to support me in my writing endeavors.

After writing fifty one years, I finally sold my first book, THE POISONED PEN MURDERS, at age sixty five.  Before that was released, I sold five more to the same e-book publisher.

An adult mystery, THE POISONED PEN MURDERS, was published in January, 2014, and THE MISSING PELLIGER PAPERS, a middle grade mystery set in a fantasy world, came out nine months later. So part of that dream has become a reality. Now I have to work on the second part.
It’s been a long hard road to get to this point, but then nothing worth having comes easily.


Though two murders, a week apart, seemingly had nothing to do with a break in at her office, the events thrust Kaci Barnett into the world of mobsters, deceit and jealousy.  Once she found the body of her future client, PI Kaci Barnett, was threatened and beaten up by some goons looking for a white box.  It seemed someone named Ro searched the late Tina’s house for this box and a set of dishes.

Add to this was Kaci’s cousin’s reputation and all she’d built these last four years was being threatened because of a collegiate indiscretion.  People send her a five foot snake, cat entrails and finally a request for money.

This all bubbles up to a smoky finale when Kaci solves both mysteries.


Born in New York City, she began writing over five decades ago after reading Nancy Drew mysteries.  She likes to write mysteries for juveniles through adults, sometimes mixing them with science fiction and fantasy as well as writing fantasy and science fantasy alone for young adults and up.
She has an associate degree in computer programming and one in general studies.
While reading science fiction, fantasy and mystery is her favorite pastime, she enjoys
watching pro and college football, figure skating and listening to music.
She now resides in North Alabama, but she met her husband of over three decades   during the end of her eight years in the army.  She has three grown children and four grandchildren.
She has sold six books to Keith Publications. The Poisoned Pen Murders and The Missing Pelliger Papers are available as ebooks on



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