Our Trip to Ventura

We had a great time.

The trips there and back were uneventful. I'd hoped to see some wild flowers, but we didn't see any until we got back to Springville where they are out in full bloom.

The weather was interesting while we were there--mostly unseasonably warm except for one day when the fog rolled in and cooled everything off.

Unfortunately our accommodations weren't as great as usual--no handicapped rooms were available and our assigned room only had a king-size bed. Since there were three of us, this wasn't acceptable. Ended up, we got a rollaway and daughter Lisa put the mattress on the floor--better than feeling the springs through the mattress.

Our first evening we spent at youngest daughter Lori's house where we had a great dinner. Also got to see grandson Chris and granddaughter Alyssa. Eldest daughter Dana and her hubby were with us.

After a great breakfast at the hotel, I headed upstairs to the room where the PSWA board held their meetings--Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We broke for lunch every day and the first two days, hubby spent with son-in-law at their campground at the beach, The girls joined us for lunch on Saturday, Mike and Dana for dinner on Saturday evening, and Lori, Rick and Chris on Sunday evening.

What's nice about going to Ventura, it revives my love and memories of what the coastal towns are like. This helps a lot when I'm writing my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries. Rocky Bluff is a fictional town just up highway 101 from Ventura.

These trips always involve a lot of eating and many different restaurants. I do borrow a lot for my books from these experiences, what the restaurants look like and also the varied menus.

I've been so busy lately, it was nice to get-away and do something different.

This was in a restaurant called NEW.

On the left side of the table front to rear: Son-in-law Rick, me, Michelle, Nancy.
In the middle, our president, Marilyn O.
On the right side of the table front to rear: Hubby, Mike, Shauna, and Tim

(Those I'm not related to are the PSWA Board members. To learn more about PSWA go to:

My next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, A Crushing Death, is due out in March.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


As usual, I found a bunch of typos in this post. I never see them until the post is published. Hope I got them all.
mackyton said…
Your Trip to Ventura looks great. It’s quite clear that you all had fun at that event venue. My daughter is also asking me to plan a family trip to Disneyland so I’m making plans to visit there on her birthday. Hopefully, will be able to plan everything out.

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