We're Here!

Thanks to daughter Lisa we had a great trip down here to Ventura. The weather is perfect. The Ventura pier is repaired after the huge waves tried to consume it during one of the past storms.

We spent Friday evening with family in Camarillo at daughter Lori's house and visited with her, son-in-law, and grandson Chris and a quick hello and goodbye with granddaughter Alyssa and met her boyfriend. Daughter Dana and son-in-law Mike were there too.

Yesterday morning after breakfast, I joined the other members of the PSWA board upstairs for our first meeting. Our President, Marilyn Olsen, went over the agenda of what tasks we needed to tackle. I don't want to get into it, as it will be announced to all the members soon. What I will say is we're upgrading things, and I'm positive all will be pleased.

We lunched outdoors and a classy restaurant on Main St. in Ventura. Hubby spent the day at Dana and Mike's trailer at a campground nearby. They wore out hubby because he didnt want to go to dinner with us. Our group enjoyed Mexican food at a nearby place.

Today will be another full day working on items on the agenda. 

Even though we are working, it's great to be doing it in such a beautiful place with such wonderful weather.

I'll continue this tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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