Be Inspired and Inspire by Marcia Rosen

Can you write if you’re not inspired?

Perhaps. It’s different for each of us.  I like being inspired.   You get to choose what is best for you and yet, most of us writers are inspired by a desire and a passion to write. We might look for inspiration from artists, writers, psychologists, philosophers, religious leaders, and great minds who by their words or actions can open our own minds and hearts.

Some of us are inspired by best selling authors, others accomplishments; people overcoming great difficulties; people daring to do what seems impossible.  .

However, the power of some outside influences can be devastating.  Many can surely be positive and create hope while others are negative and can create fear making us as writers feel vulnerable.  Outside influences are all around us. There are family and friends who often believe their opinions and ideas are the best, but are surely not and, there are those who believe in us and in whom we can truly trust.  They are the ones you need to keep close and have matter most to you. 

It is wonderful to be inspired by others and by creativity or traditions.  I know I am truly inspired by people who are not willing to give up. They change our lives and teach us hopefulness.  Most of all as writers we need to consider our own lives, what stories do we have to share that will give courage and even hope to others.

A writer can live a rather magical type of life putting words on paper, creating stories, poems or any number of books.  There is a special quality to taking our own thoughts and ideas and inventing worlds where we can go and even take others with us for hours and days, living in an astonishing place.

Writers have long woven together amazing stories as a result of their experiences and through imagination. They find a way to bring together the knowledge and wisdom handed down from their own history and brought together with what was learned in each new generation.

I believe there is the possibility for each and every writer to reach around and inside and tap into their own abilities and passions to write and write well.

I heard this recently and love it, “You don’t need to believe in my dream.”

I hope you believe in yours, M. Glenda Rosen  (Marcia G. Rosen)

Book Blurb”

DYING TO BE BEAUTIFUl is a fascinating look into the multi-million dollar world of beauty and the things people will do to attain it. You are a fun and engaging storyteller who clearly knows her way around a plot twist or two. Jenna manages to be both tough and glamorous in her role as a private investigator.”
 New York Publishing Agent

Author, The Woman’s Business Therapist: Eliminate the MindBlocks and RoadBlocks to Success, and award-winning My Memoir Workbook. For over fifteen years, helped numerous authors develop and market their books, and presented writing programs in New York, The Hamptons, New Mexico and Carmel, California, on “Encouraging and Supporting the Writer Within You!” Founder and owner of a successful marketing and public relations agency for twenty-five years.



Excellent post, Marcia. Thank you for visiting me.
author said…
It's wonderful to have this opportunity. I'm always grateful for those who inspire us writers.

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