Being Nice

It takes so little to be nice, and yet even the "nicest" people sometimes aren't.

I'm sure that I've slipped and not been as nice as I should to someone, but I do try.

Recently, I saw someone be devastated by another person who I don't think even realized the effect the words spoken had on the other person. Most of the people around didn't realize it either.

No appreciation was shown for a big job well done, but plenty of criticism was heaped upon the person.

Frankly, if it had been me I'd have let it roll off my back. If I know I've done a good job that's all I need. Some people just enjoy picking at others--though if it happened to them, I'm sure they'd fight back.

Being critiqued is fine--but anyone who is doing it should also point out the good. This goes for critiquing someone's writing as well as a job that's been done.

A smile goes a long way too. I make it a habit to smile at strangers and I almost always get a big smile in return.

I guess my message it this would be a much happier place if we smiled more and tried hard to be nice to people.



Jacqueline Vick said…
You are so right, Marilyn. Being nice is highly underrated.
Linda Thorne said…
There's no reason not to be nice most of the time. Those who are "nasty" or irritable have their own issues and no reason to throw them on others.

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