Counting Down

A Crushing Death is off to the printers.

I've ordered 50 copies for my self--not because I expect to sell that many right off the bat, but I am planning a book launch and will need copies for it.

Near the end of the month, (March 26-10 a.m.) I'm headed over to the Nipomo Library to speak to the Central Coast Sisters in Crime chapter about Planning a Blog Tour. I definitely want books available for that event.

What is always scary about having a new book out, even though I had it professionally edited, went through the first text block carefully and found some errors that were corrected, and then found a few more in the galley proof--there's no guarantee that I found them all. In fact, I'm convinced there are gremlins who attack a book after you've done your last bit of correcting.

Another thing an author worries about is if readers will like the book. 

I think this tale has a lot to offer to people who like mysteries and police procedurals--and ones that aren't too hard core. For those who've been reading this series all along, as usual new things are happening to the ongoing characters--good an bad.

The new police chief plays a bigger role in this offering--in fact, much of the plot is about her.

Once it's out, I do hope people will let me know what they think.

F. M. aka Marilyn Meredith


Amy Bennett said…
I so understand what you're writing about! I can't wait to read "A Crushing Death", but I know what you mean about gremlins!
Kathy McIntosh said…
Wish I could hear your "spiel" on planning a blog tour. Good luck fighting those pesky gremlins.
GBPool said…
You are always an inspiration to fellow writers. I meet a lot of new writers on your blog and have enjoyed their books as well as your work. Thanks.

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