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Your first book was just released! Your shipment is on its way and should arrive next week!  Have you sent out galleys to reviewers, to radio shows and announced it on Twitter, Face-book and to everyone you know?

Why not have a party? More than likely, it took you at least two and a half years, more or less, to write the book, not to include the time you spent researching it, forming characters, writing and re-writing once the editor had looked at it. Now, you have corrected any errors there might be. It's as polished as you believe it can be. It's your baby!

Not all authors have their own editors go over their manuscripts, but I do, at least, before I send it to an agent or a publisher. I realize that any traditional publisher, no matter how large will have their own editors on staff, but I want my book to be just as perfect and polished as it can possibly be. 
Now, it's time for the book release party, the first thing to do is to decide on your budget and the venue you want to have. If you want a small party, a cozy party at home is always nice, but a party thrown in a trendy bar on at a restaurant would be great. 
You will need books, books and more books unless it’s held in a bookstore where normally they order them. If your books are printed as POD (print on demand) there is a good chance you will have to order your whatever, you decide upon, you want to establish a theme or an atmosphere to go along with your story. Why not dress as one of your characters? Offer for favors or giveaways to match.
I love music and flowers. For me, they are a necessity for any party, but then my latest book has a ballroom dance background. Not only will I tell my audience about my book, but if my dance partner and I gave a hot tango demonstration, that would be really special.
Invite not just all of your friends and family, but also the press and newspapers. The object of the party is not just to celebrate months and years of hard work, but also to make a profit and spread the word.

Making it easy to purchase your book is really important! You will need to take a lot of change, and take credit cards. Better to have someone else handle this. You focus on your book and your guests.
You want both your party and your book to be unforgettable!

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Weslynn McCallister, pseudonym, Jamie Cortland was born in Evansville, Indiana and raised in Roswell, New Mexico. Today, she lives in the southwest.

A published novelist and an award winning poet, she is a member of Sisters in Crime, the Mystery Writers of America, and is a founding member of the Florida Writers Association.

Website URL: Weslynn McCallister, Author www.jamiecortland.com
Facebook URL: https//www.facebook.com/jamiecortland
Twitter: Weslynn McCallister@twitter
LinkedIn: Weslynn McCallister, Author

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