Oh My Goodness!

When I learned Left Coast Crime was going to be in Phoenix, even though I'd decided not to fly to any more conferences--going to Phoenix would be an easy one. Fly out of Bakersfield directly to Phoenix.

I even registered and made a hotel reservation. Then I began to add up the cost. Wow, what a lot of money just to have a great time. Never before had this bothered me, but I had strong compulsion to cancel and I did. Oh, at times as I read about people planning to go, I nearly changed my mind. Thank God, I didn't.

The week before the conference both hubby and I had a ferocious cold. His was worse than mine, but I certainly didn't feel good. Then Saturday a.m., he complained of feeling strange and very dizzy. My daughter and I took him to the ER. He was seen immediately and his heart rate was only 30 beats a minute. The ER doc said it was amazing he was conscious!

Imagine if I'd been in Phoenix or even traveling home while that was going on? Or what if I hadn't been there when he started feeling bad? He would have been by himself, and I'm not sure if he'd have called anyone to take him to the hospital.

All I can say is, though I had no idea this was going to happen, I truly believe God did and helped me make the decision I made to stay home.

Getting old is not easy. 

Hubby is doing well, he has a pacemaker now and it is helping a lot.

In between doctor visits, and there's been a bunch, I'm carrying on with my writing and promoting my next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, A Crushing Death.


Amy Bennett said…
I know the feeling, Marilyn, about wanting to get together with everyone but not being able to! I almost attended LCC because it was in Phoenix (only a 7 hour drive from where I live) BUT... the Tucson Festival of Books was being held only a week or two later (and that's 5 hours from where I live) and I just couldn't ask for time off two weeks running especially since I'd already missed a week when my hubby had health issues (rotator cuff surgery) a month earlier.

In those instances, I say thank God for the internet keeping us connected and up to date with each other for book and personal subjects. And so glad you and the hubs are doing better!
I'm with you, Marilyn, and I believe God guided your decision not to go to that particular convention. It's good to hear your Hap is doing so well.
Thank you for your post, Amy. I do love the Internet for keeping us posted.

And Jackie, yes, and I do believe God is there guiding us, even if we don't pay attention at times. Yep, Hap is on the mend, though not so enthusiastic about driving anymore.
Karen Kavanagh said…
Knew there was a reason you'd been on my mind! A friend of ours told us a sinc member would be speaking at Nipomo library (heard on radio). I looked it up and there you were and I found out about Hap. Said a prayer for you both. Will try to contact you today, though you may be driving down...?

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