Update on My Life by Marilyn Meredith

If you follow me on Facebook or this blog, you probably know that my husband had a Pacemaker installed. Our lives have revolved around that lately, doc appointments etc.

I'm happy to report he's doing very well--and for some odd reason even his most painful knees are much, much better.

When possible, between the chores that have to be done no matter what, I've been making plans for a Kindle freebie--which means doing a lot of pre-promotion to the sites that promote freebies. More about that later.

I'm also looking forward to the debut of A Crushing Death. I've gone through the text block and found errors, then when checking the galley proof, more errors popped out. Why, oh, why didn't I catch them the first time?

I've since checked the information on the back of the book, and I'm assuming it will soon be sent off to the printer. Once that happens, my copies will be ordered. I'm anxious to get them because I will be speaking to the Central Coast chapter of Sisters in Crime on Saturday, March 26th, 10 a.m. at the Nipomo Library. My topic is How to Do a Blog Tour.

As yet, I haven't finalized plans for the launch for A Crushing Death, just haven't been able to squeeze that in.

And as for the writing of my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, I've written a bit here and there, but do need to get busy with it.

So what's happening in your life?

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


And to complicate things even more, hubby has a clot in his left arm. Took all day to learn that and get medicine for it.
Thonie Hevron said…
So glad Hap feels better. I'm busy with edits for my latest WIP, WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT. Getting ready to submit it to Billie to see if she likes it. Life gets in the way, but I keep plugging along. Thankfully, my interruptions have all been positive, unlike yours. But I'm pleased that Hap is doing well.
Candace Vedrin said…
I completely know what you're going through. My husband got his pacemaker in 2011. There was so much to deal with; new routines to adapt to, etc. I am happy to say that we are now in a pleasant lull - cardio and pacemaker clinic appts. every 6 months; Life is pretty much good; enjoying it all again - and "trailer-ing" is back in our lives.

I love the Rocky Bluff series and am looking forward to seeing your Amazon freebie as well!
Thanks for telling me about your husband's experience, Candace. And also I"m glad you've been enjoying the Rocky Bluff series.

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