And the Winners of my Contest Are...

Yes, winners, there were two people who won the contest by posting a comment on every single blog post during my tour. And there was someone who came in a close third, but it's hard enough fitting two new characters into a series. However, I did appreciate her comments.

And I know this wasn't an easy tour to follow. There were two big glitches--one person never posted at all--and another didn't post until late in the day and didn't use my book cover or my photo. When hardly anyone commented, I knew she didn't have much of a following.

The lesson there is even though someone volunteers to be a host on a blog tour, check them out and make sure they have a blog that is followed--and they have the concept of how to set up posts.

Okay, enough chatter, here are the winners:

Joseph Haggerty and Susan Tuttle.

I know both of them because of my ties to the mystery community. 

Joe is a fellow member of the Public Safety Writers Association, and though he lives on the east coast, I've met him several times at the PSWA annual conference. He's retired law enforcement and really wants to be a villain. I'll be glad to grant his wish.

Susan Tuttle is a fellow member of the Central Coast chapter of Sisters in Crime. Though it's on the coast and I live in the foothills of the Central Valley,  I try to get to a couple of meetings a year and have given presentations to them many times.  Susan also doesn't want to be a nice person, so I'll try my best to do what I can for her.

Despite the glitches, the majority of blog hosts were wonderful! And, I had a lot of fun. 

Yes, I am writing that book now with these two not-so-nice fictional characters.

Congratulations Joe and Susan, and thanks for following along as I talked about my new book:
A Crushing Death.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


Nancy LiPetri said…
Joe Haggerty sounds like an ideal detective name to me...or a deceptively nice villain ;)
He is a great guy, going to hard to turn him into a baddie.

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