Camping in the Olden Days (My Olden Days)

The first family camping trip I remember was to Yosemite. My Dad built a tent camper much like the ones of today where the whole things folds out with a bed on either side. He was way ahead of his time.I don't remember sleeping it it, but I know we did.

My sister was still small enough that she could be confined to a play pen. My parents best friends were along and they had a toddler too. I must've been nearly six.

Yosemite was different back then. Everyone had a campfire. People fed the deer that wandered through camp. At night we drove to the dump to watch the bears come and eat. Every night there was a fire fall. Yes, fire was thrown off a cliff like a waterfall.

As we grew older, tent camping at Bass Lake was our favorite 3 week vacation. Dad and Mom had a tent, and sis and I shared one. These were not easy tents to put up.

Dad did all the cooking. He liked to throw everything together in a frying pan--didn't always turn out so good.

We had boats--an out board and inboard. The out board we kids could use on our own. Great for taking friends to unpopulated places on the other side of the lake to go swimming.

Of course the inboard was for water skiing and traveling to the Pines for groceries and to go to the movies--shown on the side of a wall. We all loved to water ski, and that was in the days of two skis, if you wanted to ski on one, you sent one off toward shore and balanced on the remaining one.

We actually got to camp right on the lake shore--I don't think that's allowed anymore.

We always made lots of friends with the other kids camping around us--and we had friends and relatives from Los Angeles who often joined us.

It was a fun time--and those three weeks seemed really long. I have great memories from those camping trips.

Tell me about some of your early vacation trips.



Dee Card said…
How neat! We camped once at Yosemite along the Merced River I think about 1970. It was gorgeous! The Bluejays kept stealing our food. I would love to visit again.
We camped along the Merced too, but much earlier in time.

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