Getting Old

I'm there already--old I mean. I'm so much slower--walking and getting things done.

I go to bed early because I know I'm going to wake up a little after 4 no matter how late I go to bed.

Yes, I have some aches and pains, but nothing I can't live with.

The blessing far out weigh the problems.

I'm still here to enjoy many of my favorite things:

Teaching Sunday School and going to church.

Reading and watching good movies.

Spending time with my husband who is also my best friend.

Writing and helping others with their writing--attending the same writing critique group I've belonged to for over 30 years. Having people tell me they like my books.

Seeing the beautiful sunrise from my office window.

Enjoying time with my family and loving the fact that I have so many grandkids and great-grandkid, and receiving lots of hugs.

Cooking for the family --especially when what I've cooked turns out good.

Going to my favorite restaurants and letting someone else cook.

Traveling to see the kids and grands and greats who live farther away.

Traveling to the coast and visiting with my many friends there.

Still being able to go to Las Vegas to see my sister and attend the Public Safety Writers Associations Conference and seeing all my friends and helping where I can.

And last, but not least, enjoying communication with my online friends.

Still loving life and its many blessings.



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