Heading Back to Reality

We've had a wonderful time on our vacation. We headed to Murietta where we visited with eldest daughter and her family--our grands and great-grands. So great to spend time with family members we don't get to see often.

We managed to do a bit of sightseeing in Old Town Temecula and ate lots of wonderful food. I have to admit they grow great strawberries around there too. We had a super good time and on Friday we left early and drove to Camarillo, arriving in time for lunch. The big attraction there is our youngest daughter Lori, her hubby, and two more grands.

We were treated to son-in-law's barbecued salmon--the best ever. Lots of good catching up with everyone and a super surprise from grandson that I can't tell anyone about just yet. 

Early, early we were up and on the road to Nipomo. The attraction there was the Central Coast Sisters in Crime meeting. I am friends with so many of the members (and I'm a member too) that I love to attend when I can. The big attraction this time was seeing and hearing Sheila Lowe talk about her handwriting expertise and her books. (I've known Sheila for a long time.) I got her latest book and also Victoria Heckman's. Many of us went to lunch together. Hubby and I got to catch up with Barbara and Jeff Hodges because we sat with them.
Hubby, daughter Lisa and I had dinner in the hotel dining room and it was delicious.

Next morning, after a late breakfast, Lisa and I headed to the Zaca Mesa Winery where we joined 9 other authors from the CC SinC groups. Though we all had a good time visiting with one another, it wasn't the best, mainly because the band music was too loud, it made it difficult to talk to people who walked by or stopped to look at what we had on display. 

However, a big treat was the fact that Karen and Jim Kavanaugh stopped by, and then we all had dinner together. Don't get to see Karen often enough--and it's been a long time since we last saw Jim. It was the perfect ending to the weekend.

Now it's back to work and catching up!



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