On the Road Again

We've spent a delightful 5 days in Murietta, California, southern end of the state, with our eldest daughter and family.

Our first day here besides catching up on all the family news, we ate dinner at Bob Has Crabs--a fun fish place and hubby and I had crab legs.Yum! When we got home we were visited by our first grandson, Patrick, and wife and one of their daughters, Olivia. 

Hubby went to the March Airplane Museum with son-in-law the next day and went to Tom's Farm. In the evening, we went to granddaughter Genie's and enjoyed celebrating great-grandson's 11th birthday and of course got to spend time with great-granddaughter Peyton. It is amazing how much the kids have grown since we last saw them.

On Wednesday, I made a trip to Urgent Care. Nicest one I've ever been in. My problem was taken care of, and then from there to the AT and T store as my phone was not acting like it should. That problem was also taken care of quickly.

That evening we headed grandson Patrick's to see his new condo and visited with his wife, Lucy, and all three kids--Emily (who is now a cosmetologist and hair-stylist), Olivia who is going to be a senior in high school and has a part time job, and Ethan who is now 6 foot tall and a basketball player, but he's only 13. We had dinner there and lots of fun visiting.

Thursday was a trip to Old Town Temecula and we're headed north to Camarillo Friday a.m. We'll be visiting our youngest daughter and another grandson--love getting to see so much family.

It will all go by too fast.



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