Writing Rituals--Do You Have Any?

Some writers do their best work in coffee shops. I can't imagine that. I can write most anywhere, but I know I'd be far too distracted by people watching. My preference for working on a book is in my office--no, I don't shut the door and lots of people come in and out--but that I'm used to.

Some writers have certain music that they like playing in the background. My house is noisy enough without me playing music.

Some writers do their best work late at night--I work best in the mornings. My mind seems to turn to mush in the afternoon. However, if ideas are tumbling, I might do some writing anytime.

Ideas seem to pop into my mind at odd times--and often when I'm lying down to sleep. That means if I'm going to remember, I need to jot down what has occurred to me.

When I first begin in the morning, I make myself a cup of Chai latte. I'm a slow drinker so I'm usually still sipping on it for a couple of hours.

When I work at the computer, I always have a notebook next to me to jot down character's names and descriptions, what day I'm on, and things I know need to be put in later. It's kind of a back and forth thing. I've always done it this way.

Even when I'm on a trip and trying to do some writing on my iPad, I still have the notebook beside me. 

It's interesting to me how different writing rituals and habits are among those of us who write.

Tell me some of the things that you consider your rituals.

Marilyn who is now at work on her 13th Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery.


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