Always Busy--Sometimes Too Busy!

Me again, and I'm not really complaining. Like I often say, "I'm too  busy to be bored."

Who'd have thought at my age I'd still be so busy.

This afternoon I'm conducting a class at the Porterville Art Gallery, 151 N. Main St., in Porterville, from 1-4 about Creating Memorable Characters. Whether I'll have any students or not is questionable. I alerted the paper, but never saw anything about it. I made a poster for the gallery and promoted like crazy on Facebook and Twitter.

I write program plans for people wanting to start new facilities or other types of programs, and several folks have contacted me. I never begin until I get a down payment--learned from experience. My fear is that the money will all come at once. My policy is to do the job for the first one who pays me. So at the moment it's a waiting game.

I've also been busy judging a writing contest--but the entries were short so it was easy enough to do. I didn't get nearly as many entries to judge as I've received in the past.

I've also gone over the work of three writers for a workshop that will happen right before the Public Safety Writers Association's Conference.

Because we're getting older, a nice way of putting it, I like to spend time with my husband too. So I've gone to town more often than I really like to.

We have a houseful of people always--my granddaughter,her husband and their two little girls live with us, as do my great grandson and his bride. My son and his wife are right next door. So there is always someone to visit with.

And yes, I'm writing a new Rocky Bluff mystery and planning a blog tour for my next DeputyTempe Crabtree mystery, Seldom Traveled, which is due out in August.

Here is a picture of two of my great-granddaughters and their ducks.


My class at the ARt Gallery turned out great. Only 4 people, but 4 who really wanted to be there.

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