A Missing Post

Once in awhile this happens. An author or publicist contacts me to be a guest on my blog--and the material never arrives. That's what happened here--I should have had a post and all that goes with it yesterday. Of course, it is possible that the post got lost in cyber space.

This makes me sad because someone didn't do what they were supposed to do.

Being a guest on my blog isn't going to bring anyone fame or fortune, but I do get a lot of visitors. I'd even get more if the guests promoted more--some do and I see their promotions. I also promote my posts on my blog.

If someone goes to the trouble of writing a post, he or she ought to take the time to promote it. Most do, but there are those few.

As long as I'm complaining, I have a problem when a guest doesn't respond to comments that others make on their posts, that's only common courtesy,

Of course, I've been blogging for a long time and hosting other authors almost as long. I also am a guest on many blogs and believe me, I visit the blog several times a day and the next one too, to make sure I've seen and responded to any comments left for me.

Hoping to see some of you on my blog one of these days.



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