Maggie King's Life as a Writer

I used to think I had to be an English major and hole up in a garret with huge blocks of time in order to call myself a writer. This garret of my imagination is located in the Montmartre district of Paris. I’d turn out novels at an alarming rate on my manual typewriter.

Alas, my background is in business and IT. No garret. No typewriter (thankfully). I work out of the converted bedroom of a 60s-era split level in Richmond, Virginia. I do spend huge blocks of time writing, but not just novels and not at an alarming rate. Short stories, blog posts, and social media posts also flow from my brain and fingers while I shoo cats off my keyboard.

Presently, I’m writing the third volume of my Hazel Rose Book Group series and doing the final edits for the second volume, Murder at the Moonshine Inn. I’m also editing a short story I’ve written for a wine anthology.

I love my work. I love having multiple writing projects. I’m not wedded to technology and find it difficult to be creative on the computer. So I write in longhand—in fact, I created this post with pen and paper. The head-to-paper-to-computer process no doubt slows me down, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

On my daily walks I come up with my best ideas and work out sticky plot points. On foot, I’m working on a flash fiction piece that I hope to publish in the near future.

Aside from creative efforts, I arrange and participate in author events; collaborate with my Sisters in Crime chapter; and give endorsements to other writers. I spend a lot of time on social media. I enjoy being connected to friends, family, writers, and readers; I also know that I need to limit my time on social media and not get carried away. I’m sure most authors agree that Facebook, Twitter, and the like take much time away from actual writing.

Next year I’m presenting a webinar to my college alumni association (Rochester Institute of Technology) on how to write a mystery. I’ve never created a webinar and it scares me. Which is precisely why I stepped out of my comfort zone and said “yes!”

I’d probably go stark raving mad in a garret. But maybe for one day? Excuse me while I book a flight to Paris.

Maggie King is the author of Murder at the Book Group, a Hazel Rose Book Group Mystery, and the upcoming Murder at the Moonshine Inn (2016, Koehler Books). She contributed to the Virginia is for Mysteries and Virginia is for Mysteries Volume II anthologies.

Maggie is a member of Sisters in Crime and the American Association of University Women. She has worked as a software developer, retail sales manager, and customer service supervisor. Maggie graduated from Elizabeth Seton College and earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology.

She has called New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California home. These days she lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, Glen, and cats, Morris and Olive.

Instagram: maggie8208


I'm so glad you stopped by to visit today, Maggie!
Maggie said…
Always a pleasure, Marilyn!
Maggie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marja said…
Fun post, Maggie! I used to hand write things initially, but somehow I crossed over and go straight to the computer. Have fun in Paris. LOL
Maggie said…
Thanks, Marja! I'll send you a postcard.
Maggie said…
Thanks, Marja! I'll send you a postcard.

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