A Philly Cop and a World of Trouble by Jane Gorman

Philadelphia Detective Adam Kaminski doesn't want to solve murders far from home. I would say he’s more of a reluctant hero. But a good man doesn’t walk away when he sees bad things being done, and Adam Kaminski is a good man.
I created Detective Adam Kaminski to solve a murder in Warsaw in my first mystery, A Blind Eye. I had a firm grasp of the story, the setting, the motive and the many other characters in the book. Early on, I thought of making a Polish journalist (and father of the dead girl) the hero of the book. But even as I drafted it out, I knew I needed someone else. An outsider.
Adam Kaminski is the ultimate outsider in all of his books. From the unknown setting of Warsaw, to the challenging environment of Washington, D.C., to being kept on the outside of an investigation in his hometown of Philadelphia, Adam does what he thinks is right. Regardless, sometimes, of the consequences.
Inspiration for Adam Kaminski came from a number of places. As a fan of Agatha Christie, I couldn’t help but be inspired to create a detective who understands human nature. Who sees, perhaps, more than other people see.
I was equally inspired by the classic figure from the Clint Eastwood Westerns, the character mysteriously known as the Man with No Name. A little good. A little bad. Perhaps living in that gray area between always doing what is right and crossing the line into sometimes doing wrong.
And some inspiration came from my own life. He’s a man who likes to explore the world and meet new people. He experiences the places he visits and uses his powers of observation and description to let his readers share those experiences. Well, maybe not the getting shot experience. But definitely the food. And the history.
I invite you to read the books and judge for yourself. Who does Adam Kaminski remind you of?

The fourth book in the series, What She Fears, is now available for pre-order. What She Fears takes Adam to Galway, where he inevitably stumbles upon a murder only to find he has to figure out whodunit before he becomes a convenient scapegoat –  or a convenient target.
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Jane Gorman


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