No Electricity--Eeeek!

Yesterday, while I was getting ready to leave for a meeting--and working away on the computer, the screen went dark. I realized the lights were off too.

Sent hubby and grandson-in-law out to check the electric boxes--all was fine.

I called the electric company--their number for emergencies and everything else--got an automated system and answered all the questions, and was given a service number. Then it was time for me to go to my meeting.

During the meeting I messaged my granddaughter and asked if it was fixed yet--the answer was no. Told her to ask her grandpa to call again.

We have lunch at this meeting and I ordered one of the specials--a Reuben Sandwich and soup. The soup came in a tiny bowl crammed with enormous chunks of veggies one of which was an obviously burned broccoli. It looked terrible. The sandwich was no better. I love Reubens, but this had big hunks of corn beef, hardly any sauerkraut, unidentifiable cheese, and scant dressing--couldn't tell what it was supposed to be. I ate a couple of bites of the corned beef and gave up. Yes, I complained--and I didn't have to pay except for my coffee. Left a good tip, not the waitresses fault. This is the first time I've had a bad meal in that restaurant.  

Drove home around noon, fully expecting to get  right to work. No such luck. Learned hubby called again, and daughter-in-law followed up and got to speak with a person. 

I was hungry, didn't want to open the refrigerator so I ate a piece of birthday cake.

A man from the electric co. came--verdict, blown transformer. Had to go back to town to do paperwork and order transformer. Around 4:30 a crew and 3 trucks arrived. Electricity back on by the time we got home from having dinner. Hooray!

It was hot yesterday, but not as hot as it has been.

I certainly learned how much we rely on our electricity--and the biggest thing is we have no water when the electricity is out because we are on our own well.

So that was yesterday's excitement. No writing done at all.



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