Once Again, my Birthday has Rolled Around, Marilyn Meredith

I am at an age that birthdays aren't all that important--except for the fact that I am still here, in good health, and enjoying many, many blessings. God has been good to me. I have a huge, supportive family--and so many little ones to love.

Here I am at one of my many birthdays--believe this one was the last biggie! I know the setting is my youngest daughter's home.

Some interesting facts about my birthday:

I share it with a good friend, Lorna Collins, who has so many personality quirks like mine that it's rather amazing.

I don't really like surprises--and have disappointed those who have tried to give me surprise birthday parties. Not because I figure it out, but because I always have things planned out and I think whatever is going on is going to mess up my plans. (Terrible, I know.)

As far as birthday presents go, there is nothing that I need or want--except maybe for more people to try my books. (Hint, hint.)

You can find Seldom Traveled , the latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery at Amazon, but in all different formats at the publisher: 


Nancy LiPetri said…
Nice birthday post :)
Amy Bennett said…
You're an amazing person and author and I'm blessed to count you as a friend and fellow author! May all your days be filled with blessings! (And as a birthday gift to you, I've ordered "Seldom Traveled"... so I get a present, too!)
Thanks, Nancy.
And Amy, what a sweetheart!

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