Report on the Public Safety Writers Association's Latest Conference

Simply, it was great! One of the best!

For the first time we had a pre-conference writers' workshop which went well.

After the registration, many attended the opening reception where old-friends chatted and met new attendees.

This year Joe Haggerty and Steve Scarborough shared the job of master-of-ceremony and they did a great job.

Our first presenter was Mysti Berry who gave some excellent tips on writing effective dialogue.

Next, a terrific panel, comprised of police, CSI, a fireman, and a doctor, was on murder and the difference between real life and how it's depicted in books, TV and movies.

An eye-opening presentation on the 2001 Anthrax Attacks and investigation was given by Retired FBI Agent, Scott Decker.

 A panel on promotion with several mystery authors who shared lots of ideas for marketing and promoting books.

On writing true crime came next and gave some insights about dealing with individuals and agencies as well as writing compelling non-fiction.

Because so many have a problem with it, a brief session on Point-of-View was presented.

Saturday morning began with a great panel on Real Life Stories of Swat and Use of Force.

A panel with publishers spoke on current trends in publishing. 

Doug Wyllie gave a great lesson on how to write for the web.

The next panels were on The Art of Writing Short Stories, Editing Your Work, and Jurisdictionally Speaking

The day ended with an old-time radio show: The Adventures of Ellery Queen. Fun!

On our last day we had a panel on Reflections on Writing, and Writing What You Know (and Don't Know). 

Larry and Lorna Collins ended the morning with a presentation on Writing the Perfect Pitch.

After our final lunch (and believe me the lunches at this conference which are included in the price for the conference and fantastic), Michelle Perin presented the writing awards.

This is the only conference I attended this year, and it is also my all-time favorite.



M.M. Gornell said…
Great conference, great catching up with friends (That means everyone (a wonderfully friendly and nice group of people), great presentations (some of the info I've already used in my latest WIP!), and great food. Soooo, do you get the impression I kinda liked the conference?!

Thanks for laying it all out, Marilyn, mentally revisited several events and thought of an idea I had at the conference that I hadn't jotted down.
I always get good ideas from the conference too.
Linda Thorne said…
Sounds like a good time. How nice that you are part of a whole author and public safety and police network surrounding the region you live in. It's nice to be connected.

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