9/11 We Must not Forget

Of course I remember--I was at home, horrified as I watched what was happening.

We must also remember all the lives that were lost--those that died in the attack, the first responders who rushed in to try to save people, many of whom died.

And we must not forget all those unsuspecting passengers who died on the airplanes--including the one that was diverted from the terrorists target and crashed into a field, and the one that crashed into the Pentagon.

So many victims to remember that day including those who were near enough to actually see what was happening, and all the families and friends of those who were taken so brutally away.

As we are remembering, we should all realize that we can make our own small part of this country better by being kind and loving to those we live with and meet every day. We can make a difference.

For those of us who pray, we should be praying for our country every single day.

Lord, I live this United States of American up to you and I ask you to protect us from the evil of the world. I also ask that you help us to care for those around us, to offer a helping hand when needed,

I ask this in your Son's name and thank you for the answer. Amen.


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