And My Blog Tour Winds Down

On the blog tour for Seldom Traveled  I did a couple of different things.

This tour was shorter, only 20 stops, in the past I've done a full months worth.

Instead of offering to use someone's name in a book for a contest prize, I offered a choice of one of the older books in the series. Having one's name used is definitely a bigger draw--but I'm at the age where it's possible there might not be another book.

There were fewer glitches this time. Only one person didn't get the post up on the right day, but it appeared on the next day. One poor host had a virus attach her website and nothing could be done. I used that post for another blog I'm doing later in the year, with someone I didn't use for the tour.

Today's post and the last one in the tour is here:

Though I really enjoy doing the tours, it is a lot of work. Some bloggers have lots of followers, others not so many.

Do I think it worked--yes, Amazon showed some sales during that time period.

What's next up?

I'm offering one of my older Tempe mysteries as a freebie. More about that later.



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