The Continuing Saga of Promoting Seldom Traveled by Marilyn Meredith

For some reason, and maybe it's for the best, I haven't any guests for a few days, so thought I'd write about what I've been doing to promote Seldom Traveled.

My latest blog stops are here:

Yesterday's: http://mmgornell.wordpr/ and I wrote about Deputy Tempe Crabtree's backs story.

Today's: The topic on this one is how writing has influenced me.

Tomorrow's:  And Barbara asked me many questions about Seldom Traveled and me. 

That's not all I've been doing though-I signed on for a book fair on Saturday, September 24 from10 to 3 at the Oakhurst Community Center. Because that's quite a ways away, I also booked a room for the night before. I also agreed to speak for about 15 minutes on keep characters fresh in a series.

I checked on a book fair I'll be participating in on Thursday, September 29th from 3-8 in front of the mission in San Luis Obispo. Since it is about 21/2 hour drive from here, I wanted to make sure I was on the list.

And today I'm being interviewed for a Visalia magazine. Should be fun.



Just received a call from someone here in town who wants to interview me for the Apple Festival program.

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