10 Things About Deputy Tempe Crabtree by Marilyn Meredith

For those who don't read my Deputy Tempe Crabtree here are 10 facts about her.

1. Tempe is an Indian (Native American), a member of the Yokut tribe.

2. She is married to a pastor, Hutch Hutchinson.

3. She has a grown son who recently married.

4. Her best friend is Nick Two John, another Yokut, who introduced her to her heritage, and in his own way, helps her figure out mysteries. 

5. She once called back the dead, which has had a residual effect, making her sensitive to the spirit world.

6. She is the resident deputy of the mountain town of Bear Creek and its surroundings.

7. She is often called upon by the major crime detectives of Tulare county to help with murder investigations--especially if there is any tie to the Bear Creek Indian Reservation.

8. Her use of Indian mysticism while trying to solve a crimes is not something her husband approves of.

9. She is brave, and often pushes herself to help someone even if it is a threat to her own life.

10. Through the years, she has learned much about herself and what it means to be an Indian.

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Thonie Hevron said…
Good to know it's free next week! Don't know if I can wait, though.

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