Never Giving Up by Marilyn Meredith

When you read about all the things that have happened along the way with my publishing history, you may think I was a bit crazy to keep on going. 

First off, though I did plenty of writing before hand, I didn't become a published author until 1982. Raising a family, serving as PTA president two times, plus other offices, and being a Camp Fire leader for 10 years,  and working as a pre-school and day care teacher kept me quite busy.

Once that book was published, I though it would be easy going from there on. Boy, was I wrong. Here's a list of things that happened, not necessarily in the right order

1. Editor for the first publishing house quit and the new editor wasn't interested in my next offering.

2. Next publisher turned out to be a crook--yes really, he was put in jail for gambling away author's royalties.

3. Who'd expect that I would get mixed up with another crooked publisher--this one absconded with all the author's funds and disappeared.

4. And I managed to find another who never kept track of royalties--and of course I didn't receive any.

5. I signed on with the first electronic publisher--there was no such thing as an e-reader, and the manner to purchase it was much too complicated.

6. Two of my publishers died.

7. Two other publishers decided not to continue on with their businesses.

8. I've not become famous nor do I make much money.

I can hear you big question now--"So why don't you give up?"

My answer: Because I love to write and because I love the characters in both my series. If I don't write the next book, how will I find out what happened to them? Besides, I'm not the type to give up. I'm a writer and I'll not be discouraged.


 This is the latest in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series--and I've been with this publisher the longest:
And you can find all the Deputy Tempe Crabtree books there in many formats. It is also available at  and


Amy Bennett said…
Marilyn, you are my hero, my inspiration, my spirit animal, whatever you want to call it! I want to be you when I grow up! Thanks for validating my "why do I do it?"
Hi, Amy, to me it's worth all the struggle just to have one person say, "I loved your book."
Patricia Gligor said…
You're an inspiration to all of us and your post was exactly what I needed today. Thank you!
I'm glad I helped, Patricia. I know that we'd all like to be well-known authors and maybe make some money at this--but we just keep writing because we have to.

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