Nicholas Checker and his novel SCRATCH.

Delighted to announce that my  Oak Tree Press novel, SCRATCH, had a feature presentation recently at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature facility in Mystic, CT, with Connecticut State Rep. Diana Urban (strong proponent for animal welfare) as the guest speaker.

 And, on October 29th, at Bank Square Books, Mystic, another presentation of SCRATCH -- for Alley Cat Allies' National Feral Cat Month -- is coming. 

SCRATCH is a chilling tale of loyalty, friendship, and courage set in the mysterious world of feral cats ... one that also gives cause to consider the way we humans conduct ourselves too. Hoping to see great attendance and, more so, for the adventures contained within this tale to evoke further thought on the part of readers.
Nicholas Checker
Author of two Oak Tree Press novels: Druids and Scratch


We have feral cats, and have had for years. Living in the country, we seem to accumulate those that people don't want. The book sounds fascination.

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