Alison Leigh Powers, Super Sleuth, middle-reader mystery series includes The Secret of the Strange Staircase, The Mystery of the Missing Miniature Books (an Independent E-Book Awards Finalist), The Mystery of the Octagon House (EPPIE Award Winner, Agatha Award Nominee, and an Independent E-Book Award Finalist), The Mystery of the Missing Arabian, and The Secret of the Equestrian Park—currently available in electronic formats and in paperback under the title Super Sleuth: Five Alison Leigh Powers Mysteries.


The first part of the book is fiction, and the manual is non-fiction.   In Divorce, Gilly, 11, tells how she copes, some days not at all, with the impending divorce of her parents. Her younger sister, Honey, gets into serious trouble, and her two older sisters complicate matters. Mom gets a boyfriend and Dad gets a girlfriend.   In her Manual and Advice on Coping With Your Divorce, Gilly gives advice about what she learned so that others won't have to go through the same heartbreak, and thoughts of suicide.


Lauren, 9 1/2, who comes from Scotland, has elective mutism, but that doesn't stop her from having adventures, which she tells us about in four stories of her encounters with thieves, bears, forest fires, white water, biting horses, stolen art and ghosts from April to August. 

VOLUME ONE: LAUREN MACPHEARSON AND THE SCOTTISH ADVENTURE In April, in Scotland, Lauren stays the weekend with her father, where he works, sees the Company's cat, Ginger, catch her own special brand of "mice," and watches a pain-in-the-neck eat crow pie. 

VOLUME TWO: LAUREN MACPHEARSON AND THE COLORADO ADVENTURE In June, Lauren flies to a Colorado Dude Ranch to meet cousin Andi, Aunt Daisy (her deceased mother's sister) and Uncle Bill. She meets up with bears, forest fires, white water--and, worst of all, a three-year old boy. 

VOLUME THREE: LAUREN MACPHEARSON AND THE JUMBLED CUPBOARD ADVENTURE In July, in Mirasol, California, where Andi and her family live, the girls go to Summer School. Lauren is fascinated with the stuffed cupboard of a teacher, Mrs. Utamaro. So stuffed that things keep falling out of it. A beautiful poster on the inside of the cupboard door is of a wave. The original print hangs in a local museum. Or does it? 

VOLUME FOUR: LAUREN MACPHEARSON AND THE GHOSTLY ADVENTURE In August, while Lauren continues her visit with cousin Andi in Mirasol, she learns that her cousin is psychic. The ghost of the woman who died next door won't let Andi rest until her murder is solved. Genres: Middle Reader / Mystery / Detective.

WOLF CASTLE by gay toltl kinman

Wolf Castle is an eerily beautiful castle settled on the Pacific coast of California. Built by an eccentric Baron who dabbled as a naturalist and scientist, it has seen its share of tragedies. The old Baron died in a mysterious fire, and the young wife of the current Baron, Gregor von Reiner, died unexpectedly only a year ago. 

Wanting his son, Tom, to have a proper education and some womanly influence, the Baron sends his solicitor to England to find a suitable governess. Lavinia Fergusson Cathcart, 17, is a beautiful, red-haired, high-spirited young woman who is ready for whatever adventures wait for her in the year 1899. 

A trip to another country is just the sort of new life she wants. Lavinia finds the brooding chill of Wolf Castle somewhat intimidating, and the reaction to her presence in her first days is unnerving. The Baron goes pale when he sees her, Tom's cousin Paul—really his mother's cousin—almost attacks her, and the servants seem wary. But her pupil, Tom, is a lovely boy, She identifies with his loss because she too has lost parents. The mysteries of the castle, the tensions between the Baron, the staff, and the dashing and intriguing Cousin Paul are disturbing. Lavinia begins to feel that her life depends on finding out the secrets the castle holds before the wolves come out.

A note from Marilyn:

Gay is a good friend--we've roomed together for several writing conferences and mystery conventions. We even traveled to New York for the Edgars one year and then on to Malice Domestic, what and adventure--did all sorts of things new to me. 

Since I've stopped flying, I haven't seen Gay for awhile and I miss her upbeat spirit.

She's written some great books--and the Super Sleuth series would certainly make a great Christmas gift.


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