What I've Learned Over the Years by Marilyn Meredith

Much of what I've learned is colored by the fact that I'm a Christian, but I don't think what I have to say will be offensive to anyone.

Worrying doesn't help or change anything.

Smiling can change someone's day.

Be nice to everyone around you--even if they aren't nice to you.

Children in your life can lift your spirits.

Do the best job you can with anything that you do.

Refrain from gossiping.

Help out where and when you can.

Plan your day, but don't get upset if it doesn't work out the way you hoped.

Don't worry about what others think about you.

If you want to do something, do it. Don't let negative comments from others hold you back.

Be sure to let those you love know that you love them.

Enjoy each day to the fullest because you'll never get it back.

When life gets tough, pray. 

Thank God for your life and everything in it. 


Me and eldest daughter with just a few of the grands. 


Amy Bennett said…
Thank you, Marilyn! Great advice!
I'm glad someone commented, wondered if I'd sent this out into the gray mist.

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