A Few More Books that would make Terrific Christmas Gifts!

Actually, books make great gifts anytime!

SCRATCH, written by Nicholas Checker and published by Oak Tree Press, is a perfect Christmas gift in that its rousing adventure features gallantry and loyalty on the part of something people cherish dearly ... their pets. It is set in the mysterious world of feral cats where a legendary figure must rescue two warring clans from a far greater threat menacing them both. It is available via Amazon.com or through Oak Tree Press!

Of course I have lots of books--but Seldom Traveled is a good introduction to the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series--and especially for those who like mysteries with plenty of action, and some Native American mysticism.


If you love dogs and/or gentle mysteries, then meet Doodle, the cheeky canine who has charmed readers of all ages. Best-selling author of the Goose Creek series, Virginia Smith, calls Bad-Mouthed, “the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud doggy observations."

A dog's Christmas.

Who knew chasing a rat in the middle of a Christmas pageant could cause so much trouble? Certainly not Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle who works for "the boss,” Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed Bug Detection, nor Molly, the boss's ten-year-old daughter.

 Doodle's antics during the pageant draw the attention of a popular video-blogger, who asks to do a feature on his sniffer-dog skills. But when the blog airs, pretty much the opposite of what Molly and the boss expected, the boss's phone rings off the hook with distraught customers who think Doodle’s bed bug “finds” can’t be trusted.

 Throw in a handful of threatening letters, some lost dogs, and a devastating fire, and Molly and Doodle have their hands—well, in Doodle's case, his paws—full finding out just who's been naughty and who's been nice.

". . .warmhearted and funny but never superficial," writes Mary Jo Rabe on Amazon.com about the Doodlebugged books. "I haven't met a fictional character in a long time that I enjoyed melding my mind with as much as Doodle."

 – Susan Kroupa

author of The Doodlebugged Mysteries: “. . . the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud doggy observations.” –Virginia Smith, best-selling author of the Goose Creek series

The Black Horse Campground mystery series by Amy M. Bennett is for readers who enjoy mystery, romance, humor, and the joy of being around good friends!
“End of the Road”—“No Lifeguard on Duty”—“No Vacancy”—“At the Crossroad”

Amy M. Bennett


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